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Tails from Ren Faire week 1

“You know John, you're not allowed that close to goats.”- guy talking to his friend as he looked at the skull wall.

My weekend started on friday when my body said “you're awake!” at 2pm friday afternoon. I could not go back to sleep again. This and working all night dealing with crazy made my sleeping on the way over to faire (my father drives us over) impossible. I was awake. Worked all day till closing and was so damn tired. But, it was a good day. Tho minus the heat, lack of sleep, and people that was being odd.

I got to the booth and set down all my stuff and got my pass right away. The boss had sent our pictures from last year in and got them done up, so no time waisted. After putting the pass away I took and started getting set up for the year. Saw lots of new things at my end of the booth. A gemsbok skull, a few roe deer skulls, a bush buck skull, a blue wildebeest skull, a black wildebeest skull (only the 3rd one the bosses has ever had in the 30 years of dealing with stuff like this),and a few others I can't remember. It was good to see I had some tails that was larger than I've had in the last few years. Tho they was not perfect for my one guy that comes in and buys tails every year. They just was not up to his standard. Have some ring tail skins. Thats a first for them in a while. Same with otter skins. In the skulls that are not on my end we had new stuff as well. A lion skull, 2 different bear skulls, a giraffe skull, and lots of small skulls from minks, chickens, ducks, foxes, bob cats, coyotes, snakes, bats, and many others. Lots and lots of skulls and other parts. My boss will pick up raw skulls and full bodies from all sorts of sources and clean the skulls, or skin the animals and then clean all the bones. I mean all the bones. From legs to all the tiny bones in its paw. Lots of teaches and students love to get source material for studies from us because we do have a lot of stuff that others don't.

Sales was good. Not great, but good. Some large sales took and helped. First sale of the year for me was a ram skull. Not my normal start to the day. Soon it was back to normal. Got to see some of my regular customers. Thats always nice. I also love hearing people say that our shop is one of the coolest out at faire. Yes i had a few people that was disgusted and hateful, but all in all, a good group of people. Got to see lots of people this week end. More than i can actually name, so i will just say thank you for those that stopped by and said hello.

Conversations at the booth can get to sounding off the wall. Let me set up the thought. A lot of the odd skulls and bones come from people that raise animals for petting zoo type things, or for food, or for pets, the list goes on. Some times the animals die and my bosses go and get the animals to clean and sell the bones and skulls. (some times the hide if it is a fresh animal) Here is the thing, they do not get to go to some places for a while so the places have what is known as a dead pit. One guy who is a camel breeder in Kansas had a four camels that had died at various times and they stacked one on top of the other in a pile at the dead pit. My boss was going after the top camel since it was the most decomposed, there for simpler to get to the bones and skulls. She was trying to get the top one off and hurt her self, got the guy to get the fork lift over to get the camel down. She called it camel jenga. She went to the chiropractor and they asked her what she did because the injury was in an odd place. She had popped a rib out of place. Most people pop a lower rib, she had popped an upper rib. The person working on her was asking what she had done to hurt her in that area. She told them playing camel jenga. We all laughed about it, but was sure to others it would have been an unusual conversation to over hear.

People watching is always fun out at faire. While waiting for some one to come in to the booth, or to choose an item, you can look out to the crowd. The people all are different, but at the same time a lot of them are the same. One group I will call fandom. These are the hardcore anima, gamer, Whovian, furry, Trekie, add other fandom name here that come out in costume that doesn't match up to the ren faire style. You have next the people who do the ren faire costuming. This includes the store bought items, sewn costumes, fantasy elf, fairy, knight, princess costumes. Personal favorite thing is seeing people that have spent hundreds of dollars on a costume, but have ratty running shoes on with it. Tho the princess costume I saw once with the cowboy boots was rather nice. Then you have the sports fan that doesn't want to be there. they have their sports team jersey on and listening to a radio head phone. Usually they are trailing behind the rest of the family almost being dragged along. You have the drinkers, those that come out only to drink all the different types of beer that is available. You have the enthusiast. These are the people that don't have a costume, but you can see the season pass on them and they own every t-shirt that the faire has sold over the last 10 years. You have the incognito group. These are old faire people, including booth owners or actors that come and see what is new. I can't say I have a favorite group that I like the most. They all bring some thing to the experience out at faire. And I am not telling about all the people that come out. Hell I have not mentioned the pet owners, the frats, the foodie, the shopper, the scrooge, and many others.

I have touched base on some things about ren faire and why I keep going every year. This year, before faire I had a flood of memories from my many years out there. Old friends that i had not thought of in years. Some still alive, others that have passed on. Friends that have changed jobs out there. So many booths that are no longer there. Music that is no longer sung. I remember the area up front where they use to show people all the old torture devices. This included a chair of nails, which they would sit in to demonstrate how it worked. I remember the year they had the dragon in a tent. I remember the year when they had the unicorn. I remember these. Sadly some stuff has slipped. Like the blue and green booth that use to be up aways from where i work now that use to sell jewelry. I remember they had stuffed animals and flowers up in the rafters. Can't remember the name. Elvin some thing comes to mind.


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Sep. 9th, 2015 03:49 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the rams head sale!

Do y'all have the tooth earrings again this year? Those teeny little fox tooth earrings? Or, heck, any tooth earrings. I bought a bag of coyote teeth and C gave me the email of someone local who could drill them for me, but she seems to have quit the business.
Sep. 10th, 2015 02:13 am (UTC)
No earrings really. The person that normally would do that stuff is not with us again this year. (work has stopped her from being able to come out.) Tho, we might have a few drilled so you can use them on a necklace (that can be made in to a pair of ear rings). I will look and see
Sep. 10th, 2015 01:41 pm (UTC)
Cool, thanks.
Sep. 15th, 2015 01:02 am (UTC)
I should be out next Saturday -- I look forward to seeing you! :)
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