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Tails from Ren Faire week 2

"You know you don't have to buy tail any more, you are married now" wife to husband looking at tails

Cooler weekend than the last one. A hell of a lot better. Sales was a little slow, but soon picked up. Lots of goat, ram, and deer skulls went out the door this weekend. I got a kangaroo skin on my end to sell. One that we had for a little bit. Young one that had died at the farm it was being raised. As I said, thats where some of the exotic furs come from. (oh and zoo's, forgot about zoo's) Can't let things go to waist.

When I got to the booth i was given a new hat. Well, actually 2 of them. My bosses got to help clear out an old Odd Fellows lodge. It was on the second floor of a building that was being cleaned out. My bosses took and helped save lots of the stuff from being thrown away to a dump. 2 helmet hats was given to me. One is black and has a skull and cross bones on the front with a spike on the top. The other is a white version with no spike and a skull and cross bones on the front. I wore them all weekend.

When i got to the booth i was shocked to see a large back hoe and scoop in front of the booth. It seems the rain during the week had caused a foot of mud to go in front of our booth and that stops people from coming in. So Anton took and shoveled up a large pile and then asked the grounds crew to dump it else where. It was a good thing. People could walk with out sinking. Oh and this conversation happened as well...

Grounds crew: "what the heck happened here?" (looking at the large pile of mud in front of the booth)
Boss: "A large T-Rex come by and took a dump right in front of our booth. We need to get rid of it"

I got to see a lot of people over the week end, and that was great. To many to mention, but I can say it was great to see you all.

Lots of different people out to fair this week end. Furries, Dr Who, and a few Anima costumes was all in the crowd. Saw a few people dressed up in some very elaborate costumes. All ways love to see people put a lot of effort in to things.

You will notice that i am quick on this weeks tails from faire. That is because I want to get to the story at the end. This one is special...

Our booth is a major stop for some people. They come to the faire, walk around, have a few beers, come to our shop, and then go home. A family kind of did that this weekend, well not the beer part. They brought in a young man in a wheel chair. He was not able to move much, but could still talk. He had a breathing tube and other stuff hooked up to him. He was asking questions about some of the large furs and i pulled them over for him to see. He had about 3 people with him helping him out. You could see some thing was up. There was 2 women and a guy. He was pushed up to the skull wall and he looked at the rams and there was a real nice one. He was asking stuff to the one lady and she told me he wanted the one ram skull. The lady then gave me 2 visa gift cards. Some thing new for us, but it seemed to work. As we was waiting for the cards to be run she was looking at the skull saying she was not sure how they was going to carry it with the rest of the stuff. I jokingly said "well it is his skull, he can carry it". She told me no, that today was his day. The 3 people with him was his mom, dad, and his hospice nurse. I then found out that the young man 28 years old and dying. Coming out to faire was one of his last things he wanted to do before he passed on. Our shop was one of the places he wanted to come to. He was buying his last item from us. The skull was going to be hung on his wall so he could see it from his bed. I must say that made my day. Knowing our booth was a place a young man that was dying wanted to see once more before he died. And this is the end of the tails this week.


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