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tails from ren faire week 3

no quote this week as no one said any thing that stood out.

Got to the booth and saw a greater kudu skull on the front post, this is a new skull for us. It is huge, biggest one we have had for sale in a long time.(I think it might be the 3rd one we have sold) Then I turned the corner and saw the skull wall. I had skulls missing. large holes was missing on the display. One of our clients come in on friday night and bought a lot of our skulls and stuff for her shop. This was a good start for the week end, but not at the same time. It meant we was not fully stocked. At the other end of the booth the same thing.

Sales was good. To good really. We sold out of a lot of stuff. We had 4 $80 ram skulls sold off the same hook in less than an hour and a half. At the other end, the same thing. The counter was full on saturday morning and by sunday night was pretty empty. Same with the wall. This is a good thing, but bad at the same time. The bosses own a plant business and it is a 40 hour work week there, (or more) then in there "free" time they need to generate (aka clean) skulls. It rains, it pours. But we will pull through.

Got to see a lot of costumes out at fair this week end. I saw one Monty Python and the Holy Grail one. That made me laugh. My dad saw an "Indian head dress", I never saw it. He looked at it closer and didn't talk to the guy because it was a mess of a thought. Goggles, chicken tail feathers, Chinese bead work, it was something bad. I am seeing a lot of furries out there. Fortunately the weather is been cooler.

We deal with all sorts of people out at fair. One type is the cheapskate. Thats the ones that are not able to pay full price for some thing and want a discount. Usually this discount is past our profit margin. One item we had on the wall was a deer skull they had got back from a customer, who had squished its nose area. The rack tho was still huge, way over a foot wide. it was a $50 skull and we marked it down to $35. A guy took and on saturday was looking at it and asked if he could get a discount on it because of the nose was broke. the thing is discounted to a point we are loosing money. there is no way we can go to the $25 he wanted to spend on it. he then said he was wanting to take it off our hands because no one would buy it. The next day a young lady took and bought it at full price. Lol, so it was never going to sell huh.

Saw lots of people, to many to mention, it was good to see you all.

For the end of this weeks tails, i will tell you about the last half hour of sunday. (and a little after hours) Two groups of couples is looking at things. One is looking at a bear skin. it is a rather nice one from Canada. The guy ask for a better deal on it. The boss dealing with him states a price for cash. the guy says he has to think about it and walks away, comes back, "how about on a card" he ask. Same price but he has to pay the tax on it. he says he will think on it. Keeps coming and going. He finally puts it on his card. Mean while the other couple, is looking at necklaces and asked for one. It is going to be restrung for him. He picks it out and the one who restrings asked the time. she figured out she had time to restring. She did, the guy bought it and right after the canon goes off stating the end of the day. We start to close up. the walls to the front of the booth are up and screwed down. all the stuff is down and in from my end except the skull wall. 2 people come running up and ask to shop the skulls. It is now after canon, the place is closed and we are almost shut down. they look at a few skulls and then take and say "thanks" and turn and start walking away. I over hear the one say to the other, "How rude, all they want is to leave". Yea, we are all packed except the 20 skulls left, and we are not wanting to help you. sigh, people.


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Sep. 25th, 2015 08:25 pm (UTC)
These days everyone gets to review the businesses where they shop, eat, sleep, buy a car.

Sometimes it would be fun if the business could review the customer.
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