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Tails from ren faire week 4 and 5

Sorry this is late, I had some stuff come up. (i hope that the story idea that i had to write down pans out)

"I can't say what i want because it is a little perverted"- woman to husband after they said some perverted stuff about the furs and stuff.

Saturday came and boy was it busy. They had even let people in before canon. My mother and my niece come to ren faire with me and my dad. i think they had a good time. It was good for them to get out there. A few new skulls on my end.

Saw lots of people, so hello to all the people that stopped at the booth. It is good to see people stop by.

I don't leave the booth that often, but when i do, there is a reason. Sunday I went to the Strangeling art booth (the old Nene Thomas booth) and got a piece of art that, My friend Becky Bloomer gave me. signed by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. She is super nice. The piece I got her to sign is a lady sitting in a cemetery with a blue dress on. very nice.

We was so busy that i can't remember if any thing really happened that stood out.

Week 5

"Where is the beaver that i can put my hand in"-person looking for the cased (tubed) beaver

Got to faire late, very late. I had 6 minutes till canon when i set my stuff down. My skull wall was filled with some new stuff. This was good. The one boss had cut him self while doing work on his daughters house. (the daughter was suppose to get all the nails out of a wall area they had demoed, and left one, he found it) so the week was cut short so to speak. but they got most of the stuff done.

Lots of people out to fair, to many to mention. Thank you all for stopping by and seeing me. i like seeing you all.

Lots of different costumes this week end. Some that was a lot better than some of our own people that work for faire. Tho there is those that come out and just don't get it. Oh well, i do appreciate the ones that come out in costume that looks so great. Oh I must point out that people should wear costumes for the weather. Young lady took and wore a jacket, but also wore short shorts. She was in the booth, rubbing her legs because she was cold. sigh, people.

Sold lots of stuff, sold the 14 ft snake skin on saturday. Some large pieces of leather that was huge, you could use the leather for a king size bed spread. Some great skull sales as well. Tho the ram skulls slowed down. but really great stuff was boughten and given a new home.

Been having a lot of people coming in looking for fake tails. Not sure why they think a booth that sells fur, bones, and beads would have fake stuff.

thats pretty much it for the week end, just so busy that nothing stood out.


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