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Tails from ren faire week 6

"I think you have spent to much time with the goat simulator" - person to his friends

Got to the faire a little earlier than last week, thank ghod. Skull wall was fairly full and so was the tails. So all in all, a good day. Weather was good so lots of people out to faire. Sales was decent, thankfully. It was busy. Tho skulls on the wall stalled, or at least the deer skulls did. Goat and rams, was still going out. Tails, well yea, they was leaving because of the good prices.

Got to see lots of people out at faire, for those that stopped to see me, glad you could stop by. (once again) To many to name but you know who you are. :)

We sell grab bags at my end of the booth. Some leather, some are fur, feathers, and some thing else, others are bags of bones. We also sell jumbo bags of bone. At one time on saturday i had sold out of them all. Got the boss to make some more, then had a run on them. 10 minutes was all it took to sell all them out, had to go ask for more, she was shocked, and a little later I had to ask again, she looked at me with shock. I laughed, it was funny.

We have regulars that come to faire and buy from us, every year. I love to see repeat customers. This week end we had one couple that had just come up to the booth. They was looking at the Greater Kudu skull that was on the wall. They each put money into a jar each week so they can have a large chunk of money to spend. They got the Kudu skull. It is a fairly large skull so they left it at the booth to pick up after they spent some time out there. When they was taking it out with them the guy had it hanging on his shoulder, the skull sticking up and the long horns hanging down. People looked and pointed as they walked by. It was just a cool thing.

I appreciate the costumes people wear out there. That being said, I hate some of the costumes. Fairies are my worst one I deal with. Sadly this week end we had a woman come in with pair of stick wings. about 6 feet wide, she took up the whole length of my tails. She hit 3 customers, and didn't know it because her wings was so huge. She finally bought a tail and tried to turn to pay, which didn't happen. She left and people rushed in to get to the tails that they could not get to for a 10 minute period. I have had others that have come in and shopped, taking up space. One was on stilts and had to bend to be in the booth. he took up half my space. people, be kind to the venders, don't take and block the area so much that you drive people away.

On Monday we was open for columbus day. It is a day that not to many people shop so we have the wholesale customers come in and shop. Well 2 of them come in at 11am, so they was shopping at the same time. That was a busy time. Lol, but they all got there stuff they needed.

I did forget last week about a customer talking about 7 layer chevrons with the second boss. He was talking about them and how nice they are. They talked for 5 minutes. Before the guy left he said the strangest thing. He was glad to see them in their natural state. We are not sure what he meant. I looked at the boss after the guy left and asked if he had any free range beads. :)

A conversation was had at the booth and i wanted to share with you. Some one was talking about beads and how some are hard to find any more. Well its true on some, and the reasoning is sadly making it worse. Poor countries was selling old beads to people. Then the governments of the countries decided that they can't sell the old beads because they are national treasures. So they have all these things that they can't sell, so what to do. The people have a bad dilemma now. They have families that are starving because they can not sell things. What to do? So they are now taking the old beads crushing them up to make new beads. Yep, they have to destroy the old beads to make new ones so they can make money to feed their families. So sad...

Last, i would like to say our stuff will be on the big screen soon. The new King Kong movie (Kong: Skull Island) that will be out to theaters in 2017 is got our product. Yep, a guy that was put in charge of getting bones for the movie contacted the bosses. They have sent about 200 units of shoulder blades and ribs. Still have a lot of stuff to gather for the film. But they are getting the stuff out to them quickly. I find this to be cool. Our product will be on the big screen.


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