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Tails From Ren Faire week 1

"I did it once with a deer."- Guy talking about tanning a deer hide
I did some thing I had not done since I was 18. I slept the night before i went out to the first day of faire. Normally i work, go home get ready and go out there. But due to my parents going to be out of town, i took the night off so i could get with the person i was going to get a ride with early in the morning. That changed and i didn't take and stopped that day of vacation. So sleep, got up Saturday morning and got ready. Then out to Faire. We went a little early because I like to get acclimated with the new product I have at my end of the booth. We had a lot of african antelope skulls, lots of new colors in the tails department. Also have some wolf paws. These are left over parts from parkas that are being made for the military up in Canada. As for the front post we have an elk skull, a full moose skull (this is a first in the 30/35 years of selling skulls and it just happens to be one from their collection). A yak skull is on the corner of my end. Just a lot of new items all over the areas of the booth.
We have an ocarina cart near the entrance to the fairy forrest and it sucks. The guy running it learnt a single song on saturday morning and plays it all the time. Mary had a little lamb for 16 days will get old quickly.
Saturday was not bad. it was always busy and the day seemed to fly by. Got to see lots of people. A lot of my regulars showed up. Including the guy with the tails. He has bought 25 tails at the least from us. Over the last few years he has not been happy with the ones we have. They was not up to his standards. The boss and I have had problems with him and his not being happy with the ones we have had for sale. Boss number 2 helped out this time and he was happy with what we had. He ended up buying 2 tails. Thank ghod. He will now go get dog tags put on them, and hang them off his belt with the others.
As i have said before you never know what people will buy. For the most part a person will the smaller stuff and the bigger skulls and furs will go near the middle of faire. So when the lady came in and asked for the Gemsbok skull off the wall it was a shock. We sold almost all of the Canadian wolf hides we had, sold a lot of bear hides, sold a Holstein cow skin, sold some leather that was the last we will ever have. I sold a lot of tails. All in all, a pretty good weekend. Tho, it is hard for the bosses to catch up with it being a 4 day week. they got home late on monday night, then will leave early friday afternoon. Leaving little time to process skulls and gather things up to replace the stuff we sold.
Oh, we are having a sale on yellow tails. Buy one yellow tail get another yellow tail of equal or lesser value free. (Team Instinct people might like this sale)
We had a customer that started the monday with a group of people with her that wanted the large elk skull on our post. Had no money and wanted to pay with a card. She was drunk, and needed to sober up before she thought about buying it. This was after the place opened. Near the end of the day she come back. This time she brought 9 people with her to decide on the skull. Oh and she was still very drunk. She kept asking her friends on what she should do. In the end she bought a ram skull. This drama took almost 30 minutes. woof.
This is my 29th year out at faire. I have seen many people come and go. Since last year we lost a few people out at faire. One of them being a wonderful person that use to do the gardening out on the grounds. She would stop by and talk with us a few times a year. We lost some others, but it is her that I will miss the most. Of course it reminds me of the ones we lost before. Yet the faire goes on.. I must say i am glad to see people out there still. I have one friend that said it is her 25th year. Others i know have been out there since the first year. I am glad to see them every year.
This concludes this weeks tails



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