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Tails From Ren Faire week 2

"Honey, you want some tail? Bet you never heard that before" Lady saying one of the oldest jokes that i hear each year.

Weather was great, tho it rained the day before. But the rain ended and it was sunny the rest of the week end. i got to the booth and was noticing the new skulls on the wall. Then went to the other end to see what was new. That was when i saw the freeze dried raccoon heads sticking out of a hole in a tree, that was on the wall. This shocked me to see it. Kind of cute, but not use to seeing such a thing. 3 hours after opening we sold it. Weird.

Sales was down. Not saying it was slow, but I did not have a $20 sale till almost 1 o'clock on saturday. Basically it ended up being a typical 2nd week end. I hope it will be better this coming week end.

Lots of costumed people out. I can't think of any that really stood out to me. Lots of kilts tho. Some of those did stand out, i really enjoy faire. :)

Took some more pictures from around faire. (well before it opened) I had not thought about some of the areas for a long time. One of the booths that is still up front is a caricature booth. It has been there for a long time. On my way out on sunday me and a person across the way from my booth was talking about the many changes out there. We was happy to know that the roof on the wizards toys pottery booth is from the beginning of faire. 40 years and still there.

We sell tails at faire. I have people i sold to for years. I always like to hear them say our booth is the only one they buy from. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I take and realize not much happened this week end. Saw a few people, but all in all, a easy week end and no drama, may be next week end will be different



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