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Tails from Ren Faire weeks 3 and 4

"I always come to touch your beaver."- Girl really in to the sheared and plucked beaver.

My mother come out to faire with us. I was glad she did. It is good for her to see some of the old familiar faces. (She use to work faire as well) Got there a little early so i could relax a little. Got to see the new items that we had. First one I saw was another one of the twin raccoon freeze dried plaques. It took longer to sell this weekend. 6 hours before it was gone. Next up was a capybara skull. A full selection of fruit bats. A hyena skull. And a bird skeleton standing on a knuckle bone. Some new goats, deer, and sheep skulls at my end. Also a full run of tails.

We was set up and ready to go when canon went off. The bosses oldest daughter was there as the person in the middle section of the booth was at a wedding and could not make it in. We was busy so thankfully she was there. Actually it was surprisingly busy for a 3rd week end. Saturday we done fairly well. In fact I think it was the best 3rd week end so far. We was working so hard that I missed the pub crawl coming through. they call out as a group "We need beer, because we are on a pub crawl" as they march by our booth. Sold a few of the skulls off the wall and a few horse and cows off the front post but none of the large skulls. Sad, because they are nice skulls.

By saturday night I was tired. working friday night at walmart and going out to faire makes for a long day. lets just say by 7 it was past the 24 hour mark of me being up. Staid awake till 10:30 which was a shock. Tho it could of been the little excitement we had. After we close down we set up the grill and grill some steaks. (Steaks cut from the bosses Scottish Highland cows they butcher for food) Second boss set it up and started the grill and it was heated. All of a sudden a mouse popped out of the bottom of the grill. (propane grill that has 2 level) It ran out in to the night, then it ran back towards our booth. At the entrance to the front of the booth it dropped some thing. A small baby mouse. Well actually in the feeder mouse range it would be called a fuzzy, so a little older than a baby. After dealing with it, we ate dinner and sat around talking. Next thing we know is another mouse is coming around the corner of the wooden deck that we place the antler on. We could not get to it. After that we all went to bed. Did not see any other mice.

Woke up and started the next day. Slow start, but we got it all done and ready for the day. Sunday started with a bang, or the usual canon going off and nothing. People slowly took and come through. 3 hours after opening i looked at the clock and saw it was only 11 o'clock. Wow, the time went by slowly. Thankfully the sales kept coming. Boss 2 did the best sell of the day. He talked to a guy about the elk skull and the moose skull on the front post. A little while later the guy was at the counter with card in hand and bought the 2 large skulls. Not a bad sell for the day. The best sell tho we ever had was the guy that come in for bunny fur and left with a wolf, a bear, and a buffalo skin.

Sunday was slow as i said. It was interesting to see the difference between the days. The same could be said for the customers. People was taking down tails just to look at them and put them back on the chain. one took down may be 15 tails. and never bought one. One guy did the same with the full furs. Saturday they knew what they wanted and did not need the 20 people waiting with them to make up their minds.

Saw many people. It was good to see them all. Sherri was out on Sunday, she ended up taking home the little bird skeleton. It was so cute. Saw many other people. Glad they stopped by. There seemed to also be a large amount of the transgender community that was out at faire this week end. Good to see them out at faire where people are at least free to be who they are even if for a little while. A lot more barbarian costumes out there this week end as well. One guy was holding a sledge hammer for part of his costume. a real sledge hammer. I was thinking, his arm is going to be tired after a while.

All in all a good week end. When we left on sunday I think we was all tired, but from a great week end of work.

There are families that come in and makes you grind your teeth and all you can do is just work with them on a sale. Boss number 2 and I dealt with a family. the boy bought a tail. they left and every thing was good. Till they came back. The mother was looking at the tail and seen saw dust in the fur. The places that tan furs tumble the fur in saw dust to dry it out. It will stick in to the fur and we try to brush the stuff out of the tails. The mother started to tell us she new it was bugs and wanted the money back from it. Now mind you they had the tail for a few hours by then. Boss 2 was talking to them and told them what the saw dust was. Then the mom started to tell us all about how she looked up info on google and they told her it was bugs. She did google on her phone and become an expert on fur. She then asked boss 2 if he was the owner of the booth. He said yes. I don't think she was expecting that. It was a battle of wills. She wanted money back and we have signs saying no cash back. In the end they got to trade the tail for some thing else. But no cash back. That was about 30 minutes out of our lives we delt with them that we will not get back.

And so concludes another week
"RAIN!"- Our booth when the rain started

Was late getting to faire on Saturday morning due to a shut down bridge and getting lost. But still was a few minutes early. I just did not get the stuff set up like normal (restocking the tails) but it did get done. Saturday we was suppose to be in the 80's and rain starting about 4. It was hotter than 80. It did not start to rain at 4. It was miserable. By the end of the day it was hot and sticky. woof, it was bad. Top it off with lower sales than normal for 4th week end, well we needed to unwind. Sat around and had steak and beer. But still was hot and sticky. We was talking about the day and had moved to the inside of the booth when the rain hit. We looked at each other and said "RAIN!" and went out to the porch area and stood under the edge of the roof. The rain poured down and we soaked our heads and bodies. It felt wonderful. Dropping our temps a little. So nice. A good end to a long day.

As i said the sales was not as good for a 4th weekend. Now not saying we didn't have a good week end, it just was not a forth week end. Actually it was like 3rd and 4th week ends was switched. It was so weird that we did not have any large skull sales till late in the day and it was not really the normal ones we sell. Tails did sell well, but not till the later part of the day. It was just a little off. Lots of people out there tho. It was steampunk week end so there was a lot of steampunk costumes. Some pretty well done, others not so much.

Got to see a few people, it was great to see you all. Thanks for stopping by the booth. We even sold some skulls to you. Yay! They are always cool to pick up, especially when you can get stuff that is not normally seen. I seem to be getting people in to the birds. I told Alan, one of the silver jewelry people that has worked with our booth on some stuff, about the Sooty-headed Bulbul and he showed up and saw it, went home with it. Kind of funny.

There seemed to be a lot of rude people out there this week end. Now I do not tell people how to think on stuff. I don't tell people they should eat meat or wear fur. If you think the tails are wrong, don't come to my shop and look at them. Also do not believe the view points of a meme on stuff. I dealt with a lady who was pissed that we sold tails that was not from road kill. yes, you read that right. She only would buy one from a person that took and used roadkill animals. Sigh. One guy talked with the second boss and was up set. That customer was ruder than my lady. He walked away in a huff. Thankfully people do understand tho. One of my best customers is a vegetarian. She does not eat meat. But for years she has bought tails from me. My bosses deal with these people every day. I do every once in a while during my week ends out at faire.

Sunday was cooler than Saturday. It was down right chilly. We had went through 3 or so gallons of water saturday, sunday we went through a bought a gallon. big difference between the days. Sunday we was a little better on the stuff we normally sell. Thankfully.

There are people that make things a lot harder than it should be. One customer i had this week end came back 3 times and was trying to figure out if they wanted to buy certain tails. She took them off, looked at them, and then finally bought them. Only after spending 15 minutes standing in the way of a few customers. A couple was looking at a skull that they wanted the horns off of it for a costume. It said 120 for the price. they thought it was only 20. Um no, thats why it had a one in front of the other numbers. Sigh

We got our medallions for working at fair this year. They was nicer than the ones we normally get. (those usually are sharp metal squares with edges that have been known to cut fabric or flesh) now i think these are the fancy gift ones they gave to the people that bought the fancy season passes. They was really nice. This got me to thinking tho. I will be at the 30 year mark for fair next year. Might need to do some thing up to give to people to show my 30 years of working out at faire. hmmmm may be.

So ends this weeks tails.


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