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Tails From Ren Faire week 5

"I need to cap my raccoon penis"-- Guy looking for a silver cap for a raccoon penis so it can be a little fancier necklace.

Got to faire and parked in the E parking lot because of a fun run using the other parking lot. Well come to find out they had the date wrong and it is the next week that the fun run is happening. Oh well, it was good to walk through faire to get to my booth. What made me sad is that in front of our booth faire helped us out by putting mulch down. boss 2 had to dig it out of the drainage area that the water goes flowing through that area so when it rained we would not flood. they use to put small chip down, now it is larger chunks so it makes for a bigger mess. yay us. Sigh

I get in to the booth and see the bosses daughter again. She was there for the middle person as she had to work this week end. Sad news on that. But we made due.

Saturday was a decent day. We did mostly charges, which is a growing trend. People don't carry money any more. The thing is, people don't understand that we can't do charges for small amounts because we would loose money. (running a charge cost money) So no we can't run a charge for your $1 tail. Sadly this is asked many times a day. Really folks, we can't do it. And the growing trend is people will take and pick an item ask to use a card, then take shop some more for things to get to the $20 minimum. They will nickel and dime it tho. so damn weird.

Got to see a few people out at faire, great seeing them. Found out I missed some because the booth was so busy at time. Sad to hear that.

We sold through a lot of the skull wall this week end. Weird to see it so empty. Sold through a lot of tails as well. At the other end of the booth we sold through a lot of the small skulls. We also sold the baboon skull and the single raccoon head in the tree. With the raccoon gone we could put out the squirrel we have. It is standing and holding a nut. i want to replace the nut with a skull or something creepy. (human eye) But thats just me.

We had a person buy our best wolf. Her and her husband was traveling cross country to all the ren faire's they could. Moving from florida to washington state. They liked our booth and really enjoyed the wolf hides. I heard more people complement us about our booth this week end than the haters. One guy, I have been selling him tails for 12 years now, introduced him self. Come to find out he is a local chef named Tito. Really nice guy. Was told by many others that they buy lots of stuff from us. It warms my heart.

Saturday came to a close and we got every thing cleaned up and put away. Time to fix supper... well sorta. The booth next to us this year lost the main lady that run the booth. They was having a memorial for her. A few people showed up. It was really nice.

As i was putting up the tails in to the booth to close up for the night, my necklace broke. Now it is my fault as the beads was strung on grass and i should of restrung it. time got away from me tho. And i didn't. Weird thing was after it broke, i was walking back and forth dropping more beads. It seams they got twisted in my clothing. So it was so odd to walk, drop a bead. I felt like i was leaving a trail to find my way to and from the porch area and the front of the booth.

Sunday up early and ready for the day. Ate and set up. got the tails restocked and done. Another good day. After last weeks less than craptacular sales we needed another good week end.

Lady Hawks jewelry booth has a tradition. If you leave something at the booth, to get it back you must give her a tail. Now a lot of the tails she has got over the years is from my booth. lately the royalty has been giving her tails as a tribute. This years king and queen was due to come by and they did on sunday. They bought a red tail and will ad embellishments to it. I can't wait to see it. I am really thinking of doing one up as well. Tho i do not know what i would do. Might draw one. I do not know.

We had a few people that tried to screw us over on a skull. It is a bison skull that has a price tag of $75. We keep getting asked if we would take $50 for it. Um no. As boss 2 say, we can not get that many skulls right now. Normally he goes and picks up 50 to 100 raw bison skulls, this year he was only able to get 15. (they buy them uncleaned and clean them all, a long and disgusting job) And it is not a quick job. it takes time and work. So no on that big of a discount on the skull. One guy in the list of people that asked for a discount was not right in the head. Boss 2 took and dealt with him. The guy kept talking about the whale bone he bought from us. He then pointed it out to us. He had bought a piece of antler and tied some beads and a feather on to it, hung it on his wall and called it a whale bone. Ummm, ok. He then started on this rant on why we should sell him the skull for $50. It was going down hill quickly. He left, saying he was going to come back and offer an even lower price.

Faire is a great place to see many different types of costumes. From store bought ones to homemade ones so elaborate it should be used in a movie. I enjoy seeing people dressed up and having fun. Tho there are some times people in costumes that i look at with.... wonder. This week end was one of those times. A guy and lady was walking from the fairy forrest She was in a jungle barbarian outfit. He was dressed as a centaur. yep he was walking with a costume on with a horse backside on it with rollers on the feet. i do not take pictures of costumes people wear, but i had to on that one. It was... just that, it was.

We talk a lot about booth stuff. It is normal talk about every day stuff that the bosses do to get product to sell. But others that happen to walk up and in to those conversations get a little disturbed. Like boss 1 talking about the time she was in a dead pit and got a camel skull. She had to decide if it was worth the trouble to dive in again to find the tooth that was missing. This is a normal conversation for us. to others that has heard this it creeped them out. We had a conversation about some thing this week end and a lady walked up and was laughing. She said "I do not know what you are talking about but I know it has to be one of the weirdest things to hear half way through the conversation.

All in all, another great week end. And so we end another tails for this week


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