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Tails From Ren Faire week 6

"If I had known how soft this was, i would of went for beaver a long time ago."- lady touching the sheared beaver for the first time
Got to faire after some trouble in KC with a bridge closing that was not known to my ride. We got to faire and parked in the side parking lot due to a fun run using the back parking lot. weather was cool and the leaves was falling out of the trees. A pretty decent day to be out at faire. Got to the booth and set up a little more, got the tails restocked. The weekend was ready to start. I decided to go up the hill before cannon, as i was coming back the cannon went off and i got to see the smoke poof in the sky. Kind of a weird start for the day but was actually perfect. lots of new stuff. A new bird skeleton. A Pere David's deer skull. and some other stuff.
Saturday was both busy and not busy. This made for a long day. The crowds would be busy for a little bit then nothing. It made for a long day. At one time boss 2 did 6 credit card trans actions with out putting down the card machine. (all the while helping another customer) Other times there was no one at the booth. This made for a long day. In the end we was all beat. But it was a good day. The cast party/RESCU auction (Renaissance Entertainers Services Crafters United) was held on Saturday night. So after we ate we went to the party. Staid for a little bit. Then we went back to the booth. After sitting around and talking we all went to bed.
Up and got ready for the day. It was a lot like Saturday. Sold through a lot of the tails, and skulls from the skull wall. Lots of ones that we had for a long time, which I was shocked that was still there. Boss 1 on the other end did very well also. Sadly she had no coyote or raccoon skulls left at the end of the day. This is a good thing and a bad thing. This meant we didn't have any for monday. At the end of Sunday we had some of the other people we know from faire stop by the booth and we sat around and talked. It was a good night. Then off to bed.
Monday was columbus day which means school kids. We was a little surprised to see as many kids as we did. More than we have had in a few years. This did not last. By 2 in the afternoon it was quiet. Actually it was quiet before that but you could still see large groups of kids but they was not doing much of any thing other than buying food or talking in groups. Finally at 5 we took and shut down. (Columbus day they close up early) Was home before normal times at the end of a normal week end.
Got to see a lot more people this week end. Some i did not get to talk to because i was helping customers. It was good seeing you and just saying hi. We had a few of our regulars as well that had not been there yet this year. Good to see them as well. Sunday I had a guy that took and was standing off to the side and i could see he was waiting for me to get doe so he could talk to me. He took off his hat and on it was a ring tail cat/coon tail on the back of his has. It was old. As in the last time we had them old. That brought back memories. Come to find out i had sold it to him 20 years ago, It still was going strong. Just shocked me, i pointed out the ones we just started to carry and he was happy. Bought $50 worth of tails. 5 of them being ring tails.
Had a few people that was not a fan of real fur. They made their voices heard. One was not bad, she did not like the real fur, but she took and did not say any thing when her friend was buying some. Then there was the woman who started bitching about the fur and started to tell the people around her all about how the fur was bad. A young lady was standing by the corner of our booth and the lady went to her and said was saying "can you believe they are selling real fur?" and some other stuff. The girl at the corner was my oldest niece. She made me proud with what she told the lady. She said "I'm not going to lose any sleep over it." and the lady flew out of the booth and waited on her friend, who was shopping in the tail area. I respect people who have their own opinions about things. I don't take and tell you to think differently. I might try to educate you on the truth of things if you are not saying the facts. But i will not tell you that you must change your thoughts.
There was a guy that bought some stuff at our booth and he asked boss 2 about making a living at ren faire. Boss 2 said that you can make a living if you have a low standard of living. We have been talking about the fact a lot of people don't see the work it is to be out there. They think "I bet its great, all you do is sit there and people bring you money." My bosses will take and start working on things for next years ren faire about a week after faire. Yes, they will start to clean skulls, skin animals, and buy beads to sell. They buy a lot of the skulls raw, then take and clean them. This means they scrape the meat off them, take and do hot or cold maceration. They will have to peroxide the skulls to make them whiter, or some times they need to degrease the skulls. The furs they sell are a lot of the times ones they skinned them selves. They skin, stretch, scrape, and salt the furs. The inside of the animals they skin are then taken and cleaned just like raw skulls. The animals bones are then separated out in the different types or what they are. To get the furs tanned they either send them to a tanner or drive them to get them to the tanner, also to pick up stuff to work on to get ready. They buy beads and stuff to make bracelets. They take and do lots of other stuff to get ready. As boss 2 says. Its great you can work part days. you can choose which 12 hours you want to work. Yep there is a lot of work that goes in to getting things ready for the next year. It cost money, time, and lots of sweat and toil. They also do a lot of working finding sources for things. It is not that easy to find every thing.



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