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Tails From Ren Faire week 2

"i thought it would be bigger"- a guy looking at one of the african antelope skulls

Due to a concert we had to park on the other side of faire. To get a good parking spot we got there early. I was able to just walk t my booth and get there in time to help set up. It was not a bad day, and was able to stop and talk to people. It was an interesting day with a concert going on for half of it. Second boss said he felt sorry for the people at the wharf having the concert playing over them. The music was not good in sound. It was just loud. I have heard that people there said it was a great time, but behind the concert, not so much.

We got visited by Judy Hopps of the Zootopia movie. She picked up one of the rabbit skins and placed it on her head. She joked that it was most likely one of her brother or sisters. lol. There was some other great costumes. I must say, i do enjoy the creativity of the people. Some spend a long time on their costumes. Others, they just take a halloween costume and wear it. But I am glad to see them have fun.

Got to see some friends and family this week end, so glad they was able to stop by.

The boss gifted me with 2 sideshow gaffs. One is a replica of a Jenny Haniver. A Jenny Haniver is a creature, usually using the body of a ray that is then dried and manipulated to become a creature that looks like a devil, angel, or even a dragon. These was made centuries before the fiji mermaid was done. Sailors made extra money by selling them. The first known picture of one was from 1558. The other one i got was a replica of a young cyclopes skull. The boss knows me. :)

I saw one of my regular customers from work on sunday. (Remember, Walmart is my second job, have worked there 26 years, out at faire 30 years or so) He was saying they decided to come out because they had not been there for years. he mentioned it had changed. There is a guy at work that is going out to faire with his family, had not been there for years. I really don't know what i would do if i was not out there.


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