Jimmy Hollaman and GUS (jimmy_hollaman) wrote,
Jimmy Hollaman and GUS

You Survived

Congratulations, if you are reading this you survived 2017. Not all of us made it. For those that are no longer with us, you will be missed. Ok, I will not sugar coat this, 2017 was a shit year for a lot of people. A lot of us will go into the new year with scars. Some visible, others not so much. Politics was a number one hot bed this year. It turned people against one another. (tho it brought some together) I watched friendships dissolve because of this topic. The weather caused lots of disasters. Hurricanes, floods, tornados and heat was just some of the things that happened. A lot of people showed true colors this year as well. Some showed they was good, others showed they was bad. I watched people that are "Christians", that always preached that people should help others, turn their backs on people in times of need. I also saw people from many different walks of life come together to help others in need.

Will 2018 be a better year? I hate to say it, but most likely not. We will lose more people. We will see more hurt in the world. I just hope that it is not as bad as it could be. (2018, please don't take it as a challenge) I do have some advice tho. Keep moving forward. Take a few minutes each day to center your self. Remember who you are.
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